3 v 2 - Passing and Moving Keep Ball Session

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This attacking session gets your players to practice making quick decisions, supporting one another and communicating when running up the field on the attack.

The reason it's important for your players to be quick is because the longer they hold onto the ball the smaller the advantage will be. To ensure your team don't squander the offensive overload this session gives your players plenty of chance to be creative in a series of game-related practices, to ensure they make the extra player count and get their shot on goal!

What's in the Session?

To get things off to a flying start we open with the three man-weave, a great overlap and support drill, before then getting competitive in the first of a series mini-games - building gradually up to the "Up and Down Relay Game" and the final "3 Zone Overload Game".

Session Ratings: 11 ratings with 2 comments (see below)
Session Comments:
3 v 2 - Passing and Moving Keep Ball Session
Glenn Hutchinson
Australia Glenn Hutchinson
This keeps the players interested
3 v 2 - Passing and Moving Keep Ball Session
Anna Ostojitsch
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For me it was too complicated and too much standing around waiting. I like drills that can be used in multiple places on the pitch or doesn't involve much standing and waiting

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