Push Pass: Give And Receive

category: Practices-For-Juniors

- Practice giving and receiving the push pass- Beginning to lead in and out of the pass

The Slap Pass

category: Video-Techniques

Body position lowHead and eyes steady until completion of passBalanced transfer of weight from left to right foot as the pass is made right to leftHan...

The Push

category: Video-Techniques

Body position low Head and eyes steady until completion of pass Balanced transfer of weight from right to left foot as the pass is made Hands well apa...

One Touch Pass On The Move

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Players work in pairs with one ball. They have to pass between each set of cones and can only use one touch passing.

Web Videos

England hockey: passing tips

This is an excellent series of coaching videos produced by England Hockey to help players develop their skills. Want to see more? Just subscribe! Enjo...

Ryde hockey: basics of pushing

Ryde Hockey Club High Performance Coaching Adviser Larry McIntosh covers the importance of staying low and keeping the stick on the ball when executin...

Community Drills

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Simple passing with controlling the ballPassing and receiving open stick sideAccurate push passesForces players to use their feet to keep strong

Run & Moving Stetches

Jog around field/s - 3mins (together as a team)- Ladder run (using 10 x hockey sticks) (1min)- High knees/Back leg kicks (one each way) (1min)- Letter...

Top D striking

Set up zig zag of 4 players from red line to edge of D. Players pass and follow ball from red line along zig zag. Player at top D strikes.Positive f...

Pushing Warm-up

In groups of 4, one player is working while the others are static. Players stand 2m apart and pass short, sharp push passes back and forth. Wide...