Passing Web: Pass Technique (Disguised Passing)

NEW CONTENT Continue your way through the Passing Web, this week working on Pre-Scanning!

After pre-scanning, receiving the ball and moving to create the angle, make sure your players deliver the ideal pass.

Delivering an effective pass requires a selection of vital components to be right. Firstly, the timing must be right, as well as the technique to deliver the pass flat, at pace and exactly to where the receiver wants it. Teach your players the next part of the Passing Web, focussing on the passing technique and how to disguise a pass.

What's in the Session?

On completing a full physical warm up, the session develops the players ability to pick a pass through a tight area so not to get it intercepted. To be able to maintain possession, the players must be able to add some disguise to their pass to sell the defender one way. Also, the movement of the receiver should not be overlooked, this creates the angle for the pass to be successful. The next practice in the session progresses into a tight box where those with the ball have to try to escape. This puts more pressure on all aspects of the passing web, pre-scanning to know the situation, their receive to be able to set up the next pass and the post-scanning to take to space before making the pass. The final conditioned game tests the players ability to disguise passes to break lines into the next zone.

Don’t let the good work fall down at the vital stage. Make sure the passing technique is perfect to be able to make the next connection to build attacks. Keep working through the Passing Web Series to develop players expert in making connections across the field.!

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