Drill Categories

Indoor Hockey Drills

This is the indoor variant of traditional outdoor field hockey. It began as a pastime for players during the off-season. The key difference between fi...


Attacking Pattern

category: Indoor-Hockey

Hockey attacking pattern Indoor Hockey Player 1 runs through the slalom passes the ball to player 2 player 2 runs infield with and passes the ball of...

Passing Pattern

category: Passing-Receiving

Hockey PAssing pattern Passing & Receiving Player 1 runs around the cone and receives the ball from the opposite wing (2). After receiving the ball, ...

Passing Patterns

category: Game-related

Hockey Passing patterns Game related In this you set out 2 colours of cones. Player 1 after having passed the ball will run to the red cones and play...

3 V 1 Pattern To Score

category: Overload-situations

Hockey 3 v 1 Pattern to score Overload situations 3 blue and 1 white player start from between the gates (2 cones). Set in the specific areas on the ...

2 Player Passing Pattern

category: Passing-Receiving

Hockey 2 player passing pattern Passing & Receiving A. Player 1 passes the ball to player 2. B. Player 1 then follows his/her own pass. C. Player 2 p...

Pass And Follow Pattern

category: Passing-Receiving

Hockey Pass and Follow Pattern Passing & Receiving It is possible to set up any pattern of play and practice it with the pass and follow exercise. Th...

Web Videos


Forward Running - Positive Play

Carry the ball with confidence and run at goal! Teach your players to switch the ball and feed the lines to get the ball up the pitch!

Passing under Pressure

Create pressure situations to improve how your players can pass when they're under pressure and have to think fast!


Community Drills

Passing In 3's

Using push passes work in groups of three and pass the ball in a random pattern.1. Stationary2. Moving Triangle3. Monkey in the Middle

Figure 8 Drill

Make a figure 8 in a 5m pattern.Face one direction at all times (keep shoulders square to the point) and dribble around in a figure 8.

Z Pattern Cuts

Sprint to cone 1, plant on outside leg, cut sharply toward cone 2, and so sonCan have players start from different positions (lying)