Hockey Drill Demonstration


  1. The inside player passes the ball to their partner on the outside.

  2. The inside player then moves anticlockwise to receive the ball back via a wall pass from the outside player.

  3. After the inside player receives the ball back they give it once more to the outside player

  4. This time the outside player runs into the inside position and the inside player runs to the outside position. (players reverse roles).

Practice continues.

Coaching points

This practice requires good concentration from all players - you may wish to walk through it at 50% pace to begin with to ensure players understand the movement patterns (one-two pass, switch positions, repeat).


Once the players understand the practice you can add the final progression which is that everytime the players have exchanged the passes and the players switch places the players change partners the inside player now plays the sequence of passes with the next outside player to their right.

Drill tags: communication, concentrate, pass, receive

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