Overlap To Get In Behind

category: Overload-situations

Only defender is allowed to leave the square and the other one has to stay in their grid and can only be leave if the other defender has returned insi...

Defensive Transfer

category: Roles-and-Responsibilities

Important players play at match intensity.Scan before receive, let ball come right past right foot, drive forward and peal out strong. LH and RH role ...

30Mph And 50Mph Zones

category: Moving-with-the-ball

Players have a ball each and work in two small groups. Each group begins in a crowded areas (30 MPH speed limit) and dribble around slowly.


Web Videos

The swing and hit

Swinging the Field Hockey Stick for the Simple Hit: Tjerk Van Herwaarden shows you how to properly swing the field hockey stick when hitting the ball.



Coaching the Clip Hit

Can you clip it? Yes you can! Improve your players hockey passing technique with this skills focused session

Community Drills


5 v 5 with 2 players on the outside of the playing area.Players on the outside can move anywhere along the side and offer a wall pass. They cannot tac...

Pass and receipt in isolation

Players pass ball along long side for partner to receive.Receipt must move player in correct direction to drive along short side of the area. Player w...