Advanced Smash Drill

category: 6-Advanced-Drills

A slightly more advanced drill involving a pass to set and smash.


category: 1-Techniques

The smash is the main attacking shot used in volleyball and is probably one of the hardest moves to master.

Block And Smash

category: 8-Block-Drills

The player with the ball throws the ball up towards the net, setting themsleves up to then try and smash the ball onto the target mat. The player on t...

3 Player Dig Set And Smash Drill

category: 6-Advanced-Drills

Feed to player 2 who defensive digs the ball to player 1 to set to player 2, who smashes the ball to player 3 who defensive digs the ball to player 2 ...

Web Videos

Volleyball hitting drills

This drill is to enhance players with hitting skill using high ball contact to hit over block as possible.