Split Step

category: Movement

Tennis Split Step Movement Players should be encouraged to splitstep after each shot, and to use the correct footwork and racket technique on each an...

Forehand Split Step

category: Forehand-Drills

Tennis Forehand split step Forehand Drills Rings are placed in front of the player. The player rallies with the coach/player and has to perform split...

Split The 2

category: Passing-Shots-Drills

Tennis Split the 2 Passing Shots Drills Practice serve then player has to play the ball down the line and the player at the net has to try andplay th...

Split The Box

category: Serve-and-Return

Description. Service box is divided into 2 halves. Player's goal is to make 2 consecutive balls into the each half. Coaching points. Without control,...



Community Drills

Beach Flags Tennis

2-4 players at a time line up on baseline facing away. Coach or players drop 1 fewer balls than players running; players turn, split step and ru...