Offloading & Scanning

category: Handling

Rugby Offloading & Scanning Handling The aim of the exercise is to develop ball control and reaction catching skills.

Clapping Game

category: Passing

Rugby Clapping Game Passing Tell your players the following. Lets just get the ball moving clockwise for a while, just to get the ball moving through...

Beat The Defence

category: Handling

Rugby Beat the defence Handling Offensive players (blue), line out in one deep line while the defence (red) line up opposite in a straight line, slig...


category: Passing

Rugby Dizzy Passing There will be one ball carrier at any one time. They will run around the circle, passing the ball. The ball must be handled by al...

Tag: Hounds And Hairs

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Tag: Hounds and Hairs Warm Up The attackers need to get from one end of the grid, a safe zone, to the other end of the grid, another safe zone,...

Web Videos


Heads up Rugby - Think fast

Attack the space! Develop your players' speed, reaction and decision making to improve their ability to get through holes in defences.


Community Drills

low impact front on tackle technique

Space cones three meters apart.red layer advances the ball towards the advancing blue defender.the defender advances shuffling, scanning with hips squ...

Defensive Scanning

Divide into two teams on either side of lineOne team are attackers one team are defendersRed team are facing line but blue team have eyes closed facin...

Peripheral Vision Drill

To encourage your scrum half to keep their head up and constantly scanning.This rugby drill challenges the scrum half to keep two players in his eye-l...

Sharks and Fishes aka Bulldogs

Start with one catcher, catcher makes two handed touch or takes tag/bib.Attackers carry balls and try to run to other side without being caughtIf caug...