Drills: Lineout lifting

Lineout: lift Rugby
Lineout: lift
Contest Line Outs Rugby
Contest Line Outs
One player throws the ball in to 5 players standing side by s
Lineout Game Rugby
Lineout Game
Setuo the practice as shown. The coach ca
Line Out Only Restart Rugby
Line Out Only Restart
Groups of ten One ball per group /li&
Disputa del line-out Rugby
Disputa del line-out
Un jugador efecta el lanzamiento de la pelota a dos hileras

Lift and catch Rugby
Lift and catch
in groups of 4 or 5 Player in the middle t
Rugby Octopus Rugby
Rugby Octopus
The aim of this game is to increase player defence and decisi
Catching a high ball Rugby
Catching a high ball
Call for the ball! Head and eyes up lookin
Over the shoulder Rugby
Over the shoulder
Players work in pairs with 1 ball. Players
throwing the ball to each other Rugby
throwing the ball to each
in pairs 1 ball. Player with ball throws t