Can anyone explain what a quick throw-in is and how its set up?

Can anyone explain what a quick throw-in is and how its set up?

Can anyone explain what a quick throw-in is and how it works?

Rugby CoachCoach
Rugby CoachCoach

A quick throw in at a lineout is meant to catch the opposing team off guard. So long as your thrower and the referee are ready, there is no need to wait for the other team to get set up. Your thrower may throw the ball in quickly (must always be down the tunnel and thrown straight-not directly to your own team)and one of your players can snatch the ball up and run with it or pass it out to the wing. I don't recommend lifting a jumper for this, but rather have one of your lifters grab the ball (front lifter is easiest to get the ball to). The key here is having a call that your thrower yells to indicate the a quick throw-in is about to happen so that your players are prepared to recieve and use the ball fast. The wing needs to know that this will happen occasionally (as they are often too far away to hear lineout calls) so they can be ready to run and score. The element of surprise is the point of this manuever. Hope that helps! Sam

Rugby CoachCoach

An Austrlian perspective (I wish they would finally decide on what rules they are going to play). A lineout is not formed until at least two players from each team are in position for a standard lineout. Umder the new ELVS a quick lineout can be taken any time as long as a lineout has not been formed. This can be taken any where along the touch line as long as it is not in front of the point of exit (lineout mark). The only requirements are the ball must travel 5 metres and backwards. I'm currently teaching my junior team to huddle before lineouts so that we never form a lineout. This enables someone to peel off and receive a quick throw thus ensuring possesion. Quick throws cannot be taken from a penalty or after the ball touches a person on the sideline - advertising boards and other obstacles are now ok.

Josh MacyCoach, United States of America

The rules Palmyra mentioned are the ones we're playing everywhere now. In fact, you can even throw the ball to yourself as long as the lineout hasn't been set up and the ball travels 5m. Just toss it up, enter the field, catch it, and play.

Gary GrantCoach, Wales

Previous answers do not state that the 'same ball' has to be used.

Dave RobinsonCoach, Australia

When to do it? If the chase from a kick has been poor (only one guy) and your "thrower" has support in the shape of, for example, a fullback, covering winger, it's certainly worth a go.

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