3 V 1 Grid

category: Passing

Rugby 3 v 1 Grid Passing 6x6m Grid Ball Players line up in 3s opposite sides of the grid. Simply pass the ball ... L-Shaped Passing Drill Thumbnail V...


category: Handling

Rugby Grids Handling 1) Run out (2 steps) turn and pop ball to a support player. 2) Run out (2 steps) turn and let support player take it out of your...

Passing Grid

category: Passing

Rugby Passing Grid Passing Set up a grid of about 10 x 10 Aim to have 12 attackers and 2 defenders 3 attackers spread out on each side of the square.

Passing Grid Progressions

category: Passing

Rugby Passing Grid Progressions Passing Start out with a grid of 10 x 10 Passing progressions are based upon the ability of players to fix defenders ...

Web Videos

Rugby drills - passing drill -

Rugby Drills - Passing drill - look for the further progressions. This drill encourages players to take a step forwards before passing the ball. For m...


Community Drills

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Phase 1- to begin with athletes will carry out a warm up in order to prepare their bodies for the exercise to come. firstly we will carry out a pulse ...

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small grid,quick joggling game players with ball each joggle while moving about try nock out other players ball, if the ball is knocked...

Beat the man 1 v 1

In pairs in small grid.Full contact Attcker to get around defender to score. Encourage players to try differnt things, Side step, swerve. Sp...

Bulldogs on knees

Small gridStart all players on there Knees. All attackers with a ball in both hands. Promote confidence in the tackle and correct technique.