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Rugby for beginners (english)

more work of the makers of RUGBY for BEGINNERS: www.reterastudios.nl ) The wonderful game of rugby has many complex laws. If you want to watch a game ...


Developing the Maul

Work on your team's maul technique with this session, improving their current ability to create, secure and defend the maul

Contact Skills in the Tackle

Install confidence and tackle toughness into your players with this tackling from the front, side and back session!

Scrum / Lineouts for beginners

Keep your players safe! Review the basics, coach the key points of these two important skills and give players plenty of time to learn and improve


Community Drills

Beginners Positioning

- Players move to first line of cones together.- when play is called, players move to second set of cones, when there ball is passed down the line.- r...

Warm up - Ball tag

DESCRIPTIONDivide the group into two teams.Members of the team that starts with the ball have to "tag" the opponents (touching them with th...