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  • search our library of 1100+ rugby drills
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  • or access our tried and tested plans

One of the biggest mistakes a coach makes is to try and cram as much learning into one season of rugby, resulting in a very confused little player. The aim is to try and stagger the learning process and build on the skills learnt. In the first year it important to coach the players the following:

- Onside and off side  
- Passing technique
- Spacial awareness
- Running technique
- Basic defence

A whole season in 1 Pack:

  • 20 weeks of training sessions split into fortnightly skill/game rotations.
  • Each training session is 1 hour.
    • 40 minute dedicated to skill development
    • 20 minutes to a modified rugby game.
    • Segmented into 10 minute time slots maximising the player concentration
  • Over great coaching 40 games to increase your coaching repetoire.
  • Over 60 action packed clearly illustrated pages.

If you don't see an improvement in your coaching and your players by the end of the season, contact us and we will give you your money back.
  The Beginners Rugby Manual
20 weeks of training sessions laid out from start to finish:- non-contact programme

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Full 20 week guide to the grass roots of Rugby.

If you are prepared for each training session you will have a fun and rewarding season watching your players growing in confidence and skill. The parents will be your biggest ally if they see their kids having fun and improving.

So where do you start? What do you coach first and what are the players capable of doing?
Don’t be overwhelmed, you aren’t alone, this is generally the first reaction a beginners rugby coach experiences. You might have played rugby before or maybe you are still playing now, but what do you coach kids and where do you start?

The good news is we have made it easy for you. We have broken down the key elements a player under the age of 10 years needs to learn and created 3 manuals that progressively build the young players skill level and understanding of the game.

What are the key areas a beginner needs to learn in the first year of Rugby?
Can you remember the first few days of rugby or the first time you picked up a ball and started to play? Most of us can’t and to add to that the game has change quite a lot, not to mention the coaching techniques.

What’s the best way to coach kids rugby?
Games have become a very popular medium for coaching young rugby players, mainly because it is fun and the learning points can be disguised with in the game so the players don’t realise they are learning while they play.

Save Time & Teach with Confidence

Download the ebook for just £31.99
RRP £39.99 save 20%
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Games are effective because they:
• They can be taught by coaches of all levels of experience
• The key learning points become the coaches focal point
• They are perfect for big or smaller groups
• They can be adapted to the players skill level
• They keep the players attention
• Variables can be added to increase the difficulty or relativity to rugby

How do you create a learning game?
The way we develop our coaching games is very simple and as you progress through your coaching career you’ll begin to see the ease a game can be developed and the relevance a game has in the education process. We always start with 3 objectives - these are our learning points - then we work out what variables the players will encounter in a rugby game and finally we mix the 2 together to create a relevant and fun learning tool. Have a look at Space Invades - a passing game designed to teach the players to pass to moving targets.

Download the ebook for just £31.99
RRP £39.99 save 20%
buy now
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Save Time & Teach with Confidence
Download the ebook for just £31.99 RRP £39.99 save 20%
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20 Tried and Tested Progressive Coaching Plans for teaching beginners Rugby
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