Drill Categories

Defence Drills

There are three stages of Defence in netball: Shadowing - Being on your toes, ready to pounce 2. Pressure (3 ft) - Make things difficult for the opp...


Cops And Robbers

category: Small-games

Netball Cops and Robbers Small games The cops must defend the diamonds (netballs) and protect them from the ... Attacking Third Game - Offence v Defe...

Chest Pass

category: Passing

Coaching points · Ball should be released at chest height. · Fingers spread around the ball in W shape. · Elbows tucked in (no chicken wings) · T...

One Handed Shoulder Pass

category: Passing

Description. Players in pairs with one ball about 5 metres apart. Coaching points. Ball should be released shoulder height. Fingers spread around the...