Pass And Move

category: Movement-off-the-ball

Hockey Pass and Move Movement off the ball Players have to pass the ball around the outside of the square with only 3 players. To make this possible,...

The Slap Pass

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey The Slap Pass Video Techniques Body position low Head and eyes steady until completion of pass Balanced transfer of weight from left to right ...

Pass And Move Into Square

category: Possession

Hockey Pass and move into square Possession Set out grids 5 by 5 m. ... clock wise and after pass moves to touch the cone in the middle of the square...

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Bounce Pass (RH)

Working on passing and recieveing on the move on the right hand side.Constant MovementPassing on the MoveRecieving on the MoveFirst Touch

skeleton Drill-simple ball movement-

Skeleton Drill-one of my favorites. Works on passing on the move-receiving on the moveBalls start on the bottom right-player dives ball up to the girl...


The objective of the drill is to go from one end of the 25 to the other, staying between the cones. Effectively this is 2, 2V1's, the 2nd 2V1 starts w...

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Players in the grey have the ball and are the attacker. Their aim is to pass around the two blue players in order to make it to the goal to score.&nbs...