Hitting Drill Off Right Foot

category: Passing-Receiving

- Striking the ball at right angles off of the right foot
- Useful when changing the point of the attack
- Allows the strike to be gotten...


category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Ball fed in to any attacker. The defenders defend against all 3 attackers. The attacker who receives the ball either shoots or passes to a free attack...

Slap Hit - Direction

category: Video-Techniques

This video is to teach the players about ball position in relation to stance and the direction of the ball

Back Foot Shot

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Run to the ball and shoot on the turn. A useful skill for strikers working on getting away from a defender, especially from free hits outside the c...

Web Videos

Ryde hockey core skills #2 - hitting

Ryde Hockey Club Director of Coaching Tim Collier offers some tips for players and coaches interested in mastering the core skills of hockey. In this ...

Community Drills

Basic Hitting Drill with Rollout

Player on sideline hits the ball to player in the centre of the pitch. Player posts up to receive, and rolls out over left shouder, giving a pas...