Hockey Drill Demonstration


- Striking the ball off of the right foot
- Allows the ball to be hit earlier
- Opens up additional hitting channels
- Useful when moving at pace
- Ball should be outside the right foot
- Transfer all weight onto the right foot, with head down and over the ball

Coaching points

- This movement will initially feel unnatural, so players should not be put off if it is not picked up immediately
- If players are finding difficult, remove the ball from the drill, and have them simply practice moving their weight onto the right foot. This should make them more comfortable performing the movement
- As with all hitting, the initial focus should be on stroking the ball in a smooth motion before progressing onto harder hits
- The ball should be hit as soon as it crosses the D line


- Increase the pace at which the movement is performed at
- Move from right to left, requiring the player to 'skip' past the ball
- Input pressure on the player by having a defender close them down

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