Hockey Drill Demonstration



Objective: To be able to hit the ball off the right foot accurately and flat.

Purpose: Hitting off the right foot allows for the ball to be hit earlier, can open up different passing channels and is useful when running at pace.

Structure: Pairs


Coaching points

  • The hit works on the principle of a right angle. 
  • Aim to get the ball directly infront of the right foot so that at the bottom of the swing, the center of the ball is struck and not squeezed into the turf.(If players are finding this difficult, remove the ball from the drill, and have them simply practice moving their weight onto the right foot. This should make them more comfortable performing the movement.)
  • Look to hit the ball square from the shoulders, therefore to adjust the direction of the ball, the angle of the ball on approach should be altered to create an angle.
  • Begin with aiming for smooth strikes, before adding more power to the strike.


  • Increase the pace at which the movement is performed at.
  • Move from right to left, requiring the player to 'skip' past the ball.
  • Put pressure on the player by having a defender close them down.

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