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Changing Direction With The Ball

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey Changing direction with the ball Video Techniques - Carrying the ball in ... search our library of 1000+ hockey drills; create your own profes...


category: Moving-with-the-ball

Hockey Confusion Moving with the ball To improve running with the ball and changing direction players have to run around the cones creating a figure ...

Switch To Avoid Congestion

category: Game-related

Hockey switch to avoid congestion Game related When a team changes direction of the ball and the forwards don't come back nothing changes and the sit...

Web Videos

Hockey - dragging and spinning

Played across 135 local schools, Hockey is one of the most popular sports in Singapore. It requires the speed of an Olympic sprinter, agility and athl...


Overcoming on the ball nerves

6 drills and games designed to improve your players' on the ball confidence and improve their passing and dribbling decision making skills


Bite size fitness 7

Burst out of the blocks with this sprint and agility hockey conditioning session, and add a fitness element to your training today



Community Drills

Leading and changing direction

"Mini-goal needed for drill"The players will start at the cone, post up calling for the ball loudly, then change direction either left or ri...

1v1 around a diamond

2 players 1v1 each as a ball. start oposite sides of the diamondone players has to try and catch the other playerwhen other player is caught then...

Dribble with Clip hit competition

Players are in two groupsDribble around cones and get feet around ball (orange)Clip hit to the next person who continues to dribble (whites)Repeat abo...