Deflection / Angles Drill

category: Goal-keeping

  • Setup the practice as shown.
  • The coach feeds the ball out to the right winger who receives the ball and takes the ball into the circle and ...

    Double Move Left Then Cross To Far Post

    category: Set-Pieces

    Players line up as shown in the diagram. The ball is pushed out to the top of the circle for the striker (Blue 3) to dummy over the top of the bal...

    Overload Left

    category: Indoor-Hockey

    Pressure a weak right back, shift play. Player 2 should threaten the back post to distract the goalkeeper.

    Widening The Goal - Left

    category: Movement-off-the-ball

    - 3 active forwards and one passive defender
    - Goal is to attack down the baseline
    - Avoid entering the D on a shallow angle
    - First...

    Web Videos

    10 awesome field hockey goals 2016

    10 awesome field hockey goals! Enjoy! Please like and subscribe! Music: - Title: Jumbo (NCS-Release) - Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4Za061pQ...


    Community Drills

    Main Practice

    ball starts at RW - recycle by passing to RB, CB then LB. LB the passes to LW who starts at the edge of the D but leads out to the sideline and then d...

    Left Injection

    Injection to slip left.Hit towards back post for deflection.If ball is closed down, pass to top D is on for strike at goal.Dashed lines is movement of...

    Double Slip (R)

    Injector moves to back postShooter lifts ball (reverse if preffered)

    Slider - Near Post Deflection

    Similar to the back post slider but this time the ball is passed back to the pusher Pusher injects the ball to the 2nd castle then makes a run to...