Drill Categories

Training at Home Drills

The basic basketball drills can be practiced at home, in your front yard or garden and will ensure your players' develop their fundamental skills as q...


1 Leg Jumps

category: Fitness

Players will jump as high as the can on 1 leg, after they land they will bend down touching the floor, with the non jumping leg being extended be...

Ball Pass/ Protection

category: Footwork-and-Movement

Players must throw a self pass by putting throwing the ball ahead of themselves with back spin before jumping and catching the ball.

After h...

Box Jump/ Depth Jump

category: Fitness

Find a flat platform that your players will easily be able to jump onto and then have a controlled landing when they jump off of it (a gymnastics...


category: Fitness

  • Stand, arms above head;
  • Jump as high as possible, reaching hands as high as possible;
  • On landing, drop to the pressup position;
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    Community Drills

    Burpee (variations)

    Biginner (zonder pompen)Basic(met pompen)Jumping Jack ( down-JJ-up+JJ)Sit Thru (down-L been onderdoor uit steken- R onderdoor steken-upSide arm balanc...

    Follow the Leader (Defensive Slides)

    - players spread out around gym- follow commands of coach- right - slide- left - slide- backwards - backpedal- forwards - run- fist - firefeetVariatio...

    Run Rabbit Run (Footwork)

    - player 1 starts at foul line- player 2 starts at basline- on signal player 1 runs to opposite baseline with player 2 chasing- if player 1 makes it t...

    Shooting Race

    Seperate Players into 2 TeamsEach team gets behind a cone, and has 1 ballWhen you blow the whistle, they shoot and try to score.It is a race to see wh...