Drill Categories

Shooting Drills

You cannot win matches without scoring points so it's important your players can shoot accurately. The shooting drills and videos will hone your playe...


Basketball Throw

category: Agility-Fitness

Tennis Basketball Throw Agility & Fitness Players throw basketball to each other. Players use overhead ... Balance Throw & Catch Drill Thumbnail View...

Broad Jump

category: Fitness

Description. Player will jump as far as they can whilst still being able to land on balance. Coaching points. This drill should be done in 3 sets of ...

Post Up Part 1

category: Shooting

Basketball Post up part 1 Shooting Make sure that feet are in front of the defenders feet, back is bent, knees are bent, and as wide as possible.Keep...

One-Two Pass - Take Your Man On

category: 1-v-1

Basketball One-Two Pass - Take your man on 1 v 1 Players Blue 1 and Red 1 have a ball each and they are starting from the right hand corners either e...


The Art of Shooting - Perfect Shooters

Shooting is all about technique and nerve. Tune your players technique so that when they?re faced with it, their nerve holds firm and they never miss!



Community Drills

Ball Familiarity

Everyone gets a ball and finds a space in the hall. Everyone gets instructions to dribble the ball and try and sit down while dribbling and keeping th...

Dribbling Conditioned Game

Will be focused on dribbling and there will be gates located around the court in which teams have to dribble through to gain points. Teams have to go ...

Catch and Shoot

Similar to drill 2 except one line sits under the basket which are defending and one line stands just behind the free throw line which is the shooter ...

basketball warm up

this warm up will do all of the skills in abc agility balance and cordination will also warm up there muscles and get blood pumping in there musc...