Dig 3 Balls

category: 4-Passing-Drills

Receiver faces three players who one after another spikes the ball for it to be digged. Change roles after the player has faced 3 spikes from each pla...

Dig, Dig, Dig

category: 4-Passing-Drills

One player stands near to the net with another player next to them feeding balls in. A receiver stands in zone 5 and digs the balls that are spike to ...

Ball Slalom

category: 2-Warm-Up

Place a few balls on the baseline and spread them out. Players move in and out between the balls, moving as if they were in defence. Make sure players...

Dig And Sideways Underhand Pass

category: 4-Passing-Drills

Players dig the ball, set up their position and then underhand pass sideways to their partner. Before the second underhand pass is possible players m...

High Ball Low Ball

category: 4-Passing-Drills

Two players have different tasks while underhand passing. One passes the ball as high as possible, the other passes it as parallel to the court as pos...

Web Videos

Dig set hit volleyball drill

Terry Liskevych goes over the Dig-Set-Hit at The Art of Coaching Volleyball Portland Clinic. This drill is a team ball control drill. More info: ...

Community Drills

Footwork dive.

Players advance in, dive and dig 3 balls and then set up for the hit reception. Players move forwards and then backwards in between the cones.