Keep The Approach Shot Low

category: Backhand-Drills

Tennis Keep the approach shot low Backhand Drills The coach feeds medium ball to the ad side, so that the player hits backhand slice approach shot do...

Approach And Close

category: Attacking

Tennis Approach and Close Attacking The coach feeds into the service area. ... -Player 1 plays an approach shot Player 2 has to hit down the line, Pl...

Approach And Rally

category: Attacking

Tennis Approach and rally Attacking - Coach feeds the ball short. - Player has to hit an approach shot and then play a rally.

Approach On The Run

category: Backhand-Drills

Coach throws low ball around the service line. Player hits backhand approach shot down the line on the run. approach shot, backhand shot, hitting on ...

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Approach shot success

Hit the most ACCURATE groundstrokes of your life with this coaching series: ... Trouble getting to the ...

Community Drills

3-Ball Progression

Typically a ball machine drill, players form two lines at the baseline. First shot is at the baseline, then player attacks for a mid-court volley, the...