Find The Space

category: Handling

Players run in any direction in the grid trying to avoid contact by running into space. When the teacher calls stop, all players must be at least 1m ...

Star Wars

category: Passing

The rest of the players are told to stand at one end of the field (they are the Space Pirates). The space police want to try and blow up the space pi...

Space Invaders

category: Warm-Up

Keep your playing briefing, brief and tell the players the following laws. Both teams are in attack and both teams are in defence, at the same time! ...

Quick Passing To Space

category: Sevens

Give each training area one ball and tell the players the following...... One of the attacking lines takes the ball. They simply attack, moving the b...

Web Videos

Kerbal space program - rugby

So I had an epiphany to attempt to recreate the greatest sport on earth in the greatest rocket simulator on earth...using munbuggys....on the Mun. Sit...