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  • The rest of the players are told to stand at one end of the field (they are the Space Pirates). The space police want to try and blow up the space pirates ship as they pass using their space bombs (I know - lots of childish terms there - but adjust the terminology to suit your players - they will enjoy it).
  • Explain to the space police that they are to attempt to pass the ball at the space pirates and attempt to hit them below the shoulders.
  • It won't be a completed pass as the pirates are just trying to avoid getting hit.
  • The space police can move sideways along the edge of space, however, cannot move forward into space. (Police can only enter the space zone and get balls but cannot shoot until they are outside the rectangle).
  • The space pirates can attack when they like, and if hit they can be out - or have more than one life.
  • When an space pirate makes it through space successfully, with out being directly hit by a pass, they wait at the other end till all the other prates make it.
  • You can change the police and pirates around or....

Note: Some younger players will love this game, and some may not! So think carefully about having different groupings that take into account players passing ability (in terms of speed), and if you have a group of players that might not like this game - have them attend a special pass development clinic with another coach.


Remember, you don't have to focus on all of the following coaching points. Pick the ones that relate to your session goals and targets, and match in with the ability of your players.

  • This should be fun, and played at tempo.
  • Pick your target early and track them.
  • Pass to where the target is going to be, not where they are.
  • Wait until the target/receiver is in passing range - timing.
  • Use the correct technique e.g: Passers should execute the pass with the following in mind: the foot opposite to the direction of the pass is forward, the passing hand is further back than the supporting hand, the elbow of the passing hand is up, the passer follows through the pass using the wrists to generate power, the passing hand and supporting hands are spread across the ball pointing down, the point of the ball is raised slightly, the passing hands draws across the ball to create the spin - with the ball rolling off the tips of the fingers, the pass motion is fluid rather than forced.
  • Runners should uses changes in foot-speed, sidesteps, swerves etc. to avoid contact with the ball.
  • It is vital that passers keen the ball below shoulder height, you should impose a sanction against players that do not.
  • Passers can communicate with one another to isolate runners.
  • Have fun!


If a space pirate is hit with a direct pass they become a space policeman. The next time the pirates run they try to hit space pirates. This is repeated until all space pirates are hit by direct passes and the game can start again.



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