Drill Categories

Catching Drills

Catching is how the player takes control of the ball with their hands from a pass, kick or lineout. The catching videos and drills below will boost yo...

Kicking Drills

Use the kicking drills and videos below to develop your players' accuracy, technique, tactical awareness and skills so they know the right kick to use...


Kick Tennis

category: Kicking

Rugby Kick Tennis Kicking Two team of 4. 40m x 20m area. The aim of the game is to kick / punt the ball into the oppositions half. If the ball bounce...

Bomb Kick

category: Kicking

Rugby Bomb Kick Kicking The aim of the drill is to develop the Bomb kick.


category: Kicking

Rugby Baseball Kicking Set up a pitch area (green cones) based on the age of the players (depending on how far they can kick) with fielders spread ou...

Kick Off Height

category: Kicking

Rugby Kick Off Height Kicking The aim of the drill improve Height and accuracy of the kick.

Web Videos

Community Drills

Rugby:drop punt

Basic level Rugby Kick. Always follow through with your hips. Starring Carlos Spencer, All Black joint Record holder, Winner of 3 Tri Nations Champion...

Usual Tag rugby Kick-off position

In this position there are many options for the kicker:Short left/right - leaves about equal space to cover for the 3 up front and the chasers 50:50 b...

Crab rugby kick

SKILL FOCUS: Core & upper body strength, teamwork and kicking coordination.EQUIPMENT: Rugby ball, cone markers.WHAT TO DO:Set a square...