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Preseason: 18 year old rugby player

Welcome to episode 3 of my how I train for rugby series. We are now into preseason and the intense training is underway. Fallow my journey throughout ...

Off-season rugby training | episode 4

Back with episode 4 into the pre-season. I cover my acceleration and passing training. For my gym programmes, nutrition plans and online coaching go t...


Pre-season Burner 2

Get the team excited to be back together again. Pre-season?s going to be a battle, but go and make it fun with this burner!



Community Drills

SAQ Test 1

Station 1: Weight Throw - From a kneeling positionStation 2: 60yrd Sprint - speed testStation 3: 5yrd-10-yr-5yrd - speed and agility run. Start and ce...