Drill Categories

Tag Rugby Drills

Use the tag rugby drills and games (also referred to as touch rugby) to boost your junior players' passing, off-loading, and decision making ability. ...

Warm Up Drills

Warm up drills in rugby are important because they get your players' muscles ready for exercise and help to reduce the risk of injury. They're also a ...


Rugby Netball

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Rugby Netball Warm Up Break your players into two teams. One team goes to attack, and one to defence. There is no kicking in this game. Normal ...

Agility Slalom - Race

category: Warm-up

Rugby League Agility Slalom - Race Warm up Set up the cones as shown. ... step up the grid to the second cone before running through the slalom cones...

Quick Hands - Warm Up

category: Sevens

Rugby Quick Hands - Warm Up Sevens Within a group there are two groups of 4 attackers and one chaser/scrum half. At the middle point, marked by a con...

Warm Up - Slaps And Taps

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Warm up - Slaps and Taps Warm Up Partners Work in 1 min sets This game is to increace heart rate, reaction times and footwork. The aim of the g...

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