Lineout: Lift

category: Lineout

Rugby Lineout: lift Lineout Jumper Move dynamically into a position from which you can easily be supported. Maintain a long body shape (brace by sque...

Lineout Game

category: Lineout

Rugby Lineout Game Lineout The coach calls out the number of people that required in the lineout, together with a team name to. The hooker throws the...

Lineout: Throw

category: Lineout

Rugby Lineout: throw Lineout Players will need to ensure their throw is accurate and timed right to ensure success. Although any players can take the...

Piston Jumping

category: Lineout

Rugby Piston Jumping Lineout The ball starts with one pod. As they are lifted the jumper is held in the air until the next pod is lifted. When the ne...

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Community Drills


5 player linout - ball off the top from player to 9.9 passes to 10 (red) 10 then passes to the grey runner who runs back towards the lineout (unders) ...

Wide Attack Lineout (Homerun)

Ball flows off the top to 9, to 10. Violence Pod runs dummy lines at #2 and #3 defenders. 10 attacks the gap inside #4.1 and 2 from the 2nd pod execut...