Any examples of lineout calls suitable for u14s

Any examples of lineout calls suitable for u14s

Any examples of lineout calls suitable for u14s

Rugby CoachCoach
Rugby CoachCoach

Hi Peter, I found that simplicity was key when I coached u14s. I always used 2 jumpers. The front jumper would be an odd number combination ie 513 and the rear jumper an even number combination ie 684, with a key number 1 or 2 for the catch and give and catch and drive respectively. For example, the backs want the ball and the opposition flankers are quick, so if I wanted to tie them in, I would use a back jumper call 842(1). For a front ball catch and drive, the call would be 513(2) for instance. There are many combinations you can have by using numbers, but it remains simple. I hope my inane ramblings make sense. lol. Good luck with it.

martin rogersCoach, Wales

try 'thames rowing  club' which i use for my u13 team and one utilised last Sunday in our first competative game of the season.It's very easy and one the lads have caught on to as they can make up silly names from the letters from each word.Thames is for 2 jumper, Rowing for 4 jumper and Club for the tail e.g

Thames -2 jumper  so a call would be tank 789 .hambone  and so on and if you wanted a catch and drive  add a colour or as i have done use make of car i.e echo 115 ferrari .You drive a car so it make sense and it was suggested by the lads  and then for a front peel a fruit andback peel a colour .Make sure they don't call orange !!! 

Stuart GulliverCoach, England

In my experience the simpler the better.  We had allocated numbers for where the ball was going - 123 front, 456 middle, 789 back.  There was a trigger number which could be any number and the number called straight after the trigger was where the ball was going.  eg if trigger number was 5, the caller could call 14895671 and the ball would be thrown to the middle.  It's a really easy system and very easy to change as you just change the trigger number so very difficult to crack.

David McGuiganCoach, England

Even at your age group I have found that something simple and easy to remember works best. As with Martin above, using the letters in three memorable words is very easy.

For example TOM AND Jerry

So a call using any word that starts with an A or an N or a D would go to the middle of the line.

An alternative might be FRONT MIDDLE BACK 

Rugby CoachCoach

Peter forget the calls !! use your feet ie the scrum halve foot nearset the touch line pointing at that touch line but not at aright angle . = front ball feet together  = middle and of course foot nearest the back of the line pointing side ways = back  simple ??  the scrum half calls any old rubbish 4312 ? tower saint ? ab3 92 whatever he likes it is meaning less . how ever when he is rambling on this is the time for your side to look at the fellas feet . . They must how ever make out they are looking at him and listening to his every word !! just glance at the mans feet . and away you go  allez mon brav 

Rugby CoachCoach

I agree with Denfa, I've tried NAVY BLUE SHORTS but my Under 14s just didn't get it  !!! 

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