Depth And Quick Hands

category: Handling

Coaching points · Run backwards quickly at the start to create depth as the attacking team. · Each attacking player should draw the attention of the...

Do Not Enter

category: Sevens

Rugby Do Not Enter Sevens Tell the players the following...... The first attacking group lines up with enough depth to attack the edge of the grid, th...

3 On 2 Attack And Defence Drill

category: Passing

Description. Set an area with two different coloured cones on the touch line in the middle, one for defenders and one for attackers. · Coaching point...

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Community Drills

03/12/2014 - Basic Attack

Simple Attack.Begin at the ruck in diagramPlay through it.SH hits an option, through to next ruck.Play again on the whislteDepth in attackHard lines o...


Full game with 2 technical areas.LineoutDepth in attack - look at alignment optionsto allow:10-1210-1310-15Feedback as above