Crouch Tackle

category: Tackling

Players stand 5 metres apart, only the attacking player moves in this drill, the tackler remains still as their partner approaches. As the player get...


category: Tackling

Good low position Head up, chin off chest, tighten shoulders Shoulder to shorts Big hit and grasp around legs with both arms ready to drive with legs

Tackling In Grid (Game).

category: Tackling

Working in a grid.Start both players half way in between the cones of one side of the grid.When commanded, each player is to run around the outside of...

Walking Tackle

category: Contact-skills

The player with the ball walks slowly in front of the other player. As the ball carrier is walking the defender should time their move so that they in...

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Rugby coaching - scrummage

Back Row Attack Right Overview: This activity is perfect for practising speed of disengagement from the scrummage and support when attacking from the ...

Liverpool v chelsea community shield

Peter Crouch celebrating his winner against Chelsea in the community sheild, watch for the pitch invader being rugby tackled to the ground, class.