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Ensure that players:-

Bind correctly.

Keep the scrum square.

Keep correct body position.

Hooker to strike for the ball - signal the scrum half

Hook ball back with right foot between left hand props legs.

Both sides remain static and do not contest the ball.

Coaching points

Ensure crouch, bind and set.

Heads must always be above hips.

Swap players around each position.

Only use in a game when everyone is confident.


From the start of the 2013/14 Aviva Premiership Rugby season, the league will be part of a global trial of a new scrum engagement sequence, aimed at enhancing player welfare by reducing impact on engagement.
Referees will now say: "Crouch, Bind, Set."

Props will now be expected to crouch on the referee's call.

Bind using their outside arm after the referee has called bind.

The front rows will maintain the bind until the referee calls set. At that point, the two packs will engage.

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