Rugby Drill Demonstration


Front row

  • Setting the front row is the building blocks for a scrum.
  • The 3 players (Prop, Hooker, Prop) should stand in a line facing the opposition. 
  • Two props tuck in close to the hooker either-side, wrapping their inside are around the hookers shorts or T-shirt maintaining a strong and tight grip. (Reach as far around the hooker as possible so the shorts or t-shirt are tight. 
  • This should pull the hooker in tight to both props hips. 
  • The hooker then lowers arms from above his head and wraps them around the 2 props, pulling tight onto their tshirts.
  • Hooker needs flexibility to move hi slower body to hook the ball.
  • Once set, the players sink from their hips as a unit - usually with a call routine. 
  • Then they wait for the refs calls to crouch, touch, engage. 
  • Where they use explosive leg drive while maintaining ga flat back and strong core to push the other props off the 

Second Row 

  • While standing bind together - holding on to eachothers waisteline or shirt.
  • With thier outside arm, place it through the legs of the prop infornt of them, holdin gon to shorts. - keeps props tight
  • Chins off chest, stright back, hips below chets. 

Flankers + number 8

  • enganemnt and hit is most important here.
  • 8 must be bound before engangemnt for saftery and to add weight ot the pack. 
  • Larger flanker on tight head side - stay down and push on the engamnet - gives support ot the tighthead prop. 
  • Loose head - does less pushing 

Coaching points

  • Strong/stable 
  • Strong core 
  • Flat back 
  • Sink from hips. 
  • Explode and leg drive. 

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