Continuous Passing And Pendulum

category: Passing

3 players work together, the middle player working the hardest out of the 3.

The 3 players stand in a line, the middle player doing a side ...

Continuous Passing Off The Floor 1

category: Passing

Set up a square with cones, making one side of the square with two gates of cones.

Get the players to line up evenly behind the two ind...

Continuous Passing Off The Floor 2

category: Passing

Set up a rectangle of cones (10x5) with two gates of cones of a different colour 2m in front of cones on opposite sides of the rectangle (See diagr...

Continuous Passing Onto Cones

category: Passing

Players line up at least 2 or 3 behind a cone.

  1. The ball starts at one end with the player running up to the cone in front of him and...

Web Videos

Rugby: passing and handling drills

A rugby skills masterclass in passing and handling from Ian Gibbons, elite rugby strength and conditioning coach. ... https://www.facebook.com/Lucozad...


Pass to Glory

Get your team passing to glory with this session, improving their movement, technique and communication

Community Drills

Four Corner Pass and Shuttle

1. Player passes ball to player in fronte2. After passing must run to their cone and back before the ball travels back to them- Continuous passing- Ha...

Handling round the corner

5 minutes continuous passing Players work in groups of 4 working round the corner from wide to narrow passing, then narrow to wide passingPlayers...