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Handling Drills

Handling in rugby covers how your player holds, catches and runs with the ball. Good ball carrying technique should include your player's fingers bein...

Match Related Drills

The fun and challenging rugby drills and games in this category below recreate realistic attacking and defending scenarios, similar to those your play...


Simple Passing Exercise

category: Passing

Rugby Simple Passing Exercise Passing Tell your players the follow..... The first two players at each coach will advance, attacking the cone to their...

Pass And Shuttle

category: Passing

Rugby League Pass and shuttle Passing Players stand in a square by a cone each. They pass the ball around either clock wise or anti clock wise. After...

Simple Passing Grid

category: Passing

Rugby Simple Passing Grid Passing Brief your players one what you would like them to do. Start the activity by having all players pass the ball aroun...

Pass And Run

category: Passing

Rugby Pass and run Passing Tell the players the following.... Player 1 starts with the ball. Player 1 passes the ball to player 2 and then quickly mo...

Web Videos

Rugby passing technique

This is a coaching video, using a drill designed to develop passing technique for athletes both left and right ways.


Community Drills

Pass, Catch & Run - 30 mins

Do a variety of basic passing and handling drills. El Paso, Triangle pass, Truck and Trailer.Progress to some 2 on 1s and then 3 on 2s as diagram show...

Simple miss-pass

Basic passing move to get the ball quickly out wide to attack spaceWorks well off phase ball when an overlap has been createdBlue have created a 4v3.1...