Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Passing and receiving exercise to warm the players up and get the handling skills ready for training.
  • Minimum 9 players.
  • Groups of three run out together in a line
  • An end player starts with the ball and passes to the player next to them, who passes to the other end player of the three.
  • That player then pops the ball off to the player in the next group of three opposite them.
  • The passage continues.

Coaching points

  • The players should focus on accurately passing along the line.
  • They need to help each other by passing at a height (around the torso area) that the player receiving can then pass the ball off quickly and effectively.
  • This should be mastered quite quickly, and then players should focus on increasing the speed of pass along the line.

Drill tags: handling, passing, warm up

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