Drill Categories

Ball Presentation Drills

Ball presentation is how the ball-carrier makes the ball available to a teammate after they have been tackled. The ball presentation videos and drills...

Handling Drills

Handling in rugby covers how your player holds, catches and runs with the ball. Good ball carrying technique should include your player's fingers bein...


All In Touch

category: Warm-Up

The following are the laws for this game: Equal number of defenders and attackers. Use bibs to identify both teams. Normal laws of rugby apply; a k...

One Touch Off-Load

category: Warm-Up

Keep your player briefing; brief, and get them working as soon as possible.I can't stress this enough, it's not a debating society - players want to ...

It'S All Rip And Roll To Me!

category: Warm-Up

You may consider these two points when looking to challenge or build confidence. Keep your player briefing, brief! It's best not to have your players...

Web Videos

All blacks play touch rugby

It's all a game: allblacks.com invites you sideline as the All Blacks mix it up with a touch rugby game, 2008.