Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Set up as a standard game of touch rugby, with two teams. The playing area should be wide and not too long.
  • Every touch tackle the defenders must link up by standing side by side, being able to touch the hand of the player next to them.
  • The tackler must go and hit a tackle tube after the touch is made, before re-entering the game.
  • The attacking team cannot start the next phase of play until the defending team have all linked up.
  • Once the acting scrum half's hands are on the ball, the defence can unlink, and play continues.

Coaching points

  • The coach should continually enforce the rules of the game, to ensure they are in the players' minds.
  • Most importantly - link up in defence, hit the tackle bag, attacking team wait until defence is ready.
  • The key coaching points are that this is an example of drift defence.
  • The attacking team should aim to spread the ball wide quickly, while the defence are linked together on one side of the pitch.
  • The defence should spread quickly and evenly to counter the attacking play.

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