Speed Pass

category: Tag-Rugby

8 in each group.6 in the playing area and 2 outside it.The six in the playing area play a 4 v 2 against each other trying to pass the ball as many tim...

Passing Ballrush

category: Tag-Rugby

This game is designed to introduce passing at moving targets on the run. Set up a field approximately 15m long x 10m wide. (relative to the number of...

L-Shaped Passing

category: Passing

Lets get the ball and the players moving with lateral passing through the hands. Each training area only needs one ball, and that ball should start wi...

Chain Reaction - Progression

category: Tag-Rugby

2 x Adjacent 20m x 10m channelsIn the first channel, players pass the ball across the line in a chain. After the first pass, the player that started ...

Traffic Lights Game

category: Passing

Brief your players one what you would like the to do by telling them the following.... One of the players will stand outside the grid, they are the...

Rugby Rounders

category: Tag-Rugby

Split group into 2 - Batters and fielders.Setup as shown above.Each batsman will either pass or throw the ball into the fielding area and run around t...

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Community Drills

5 pass game

5-8 asideFirst team to complete 5 passes get a point. Team in possession must touch the ball on the ground before passing to another team mate. Player...