Ga Hold

category: Set-Plays

Netball GA Hold Set Plays The WA will set up ball side on the side of the circle The C will set up ball side on the top of the circle The GA will set...

Ga Receive

category: Set-Plays

Netball GA Receive Set Plays The WA and GA will start in a staggered position, with one player (GA in this ... the other (WA) positioned off the line...

Wa/Ga Cross

category: Set-Plays

Netball WA/GA Cross Set Plays The WA and GA will set up centrally and off the line - ensuring they are both ball side (with their defenders ... GA Ho...

Holding Space

category: Getting-free

Netball Holding space Getting free Players work in 4s, with 1 ball. GS and GK work in the middle with a feeder either side. The GS in the middle posi...

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Community Drills

Hold your lead

Practice some centre passes, bibs on one team. The aim is to get everyone to find space and be in front of their defenders. Teach them the tactics of ...


C passes to WA.GA hold strong for GS to drive out and to the top of circle.GA then rolls to post.WA Passes to either shooter , whoever is clear.

Fish hook

WA/GA runs around the opposite player WA/GA while WA/GA holds player on the line