Clip Hit: Static 1

category: Video-Techniques

Grip 'V' between thumb and index finger runs down the edge of the stick Right and left hand touching - This way they work together rather than in opp...

Dribble - Tease The Cone

category: Video-Techniques

- The goal is to move the ball towards then cone, then cut it back quickly. This attempts to make a defender into making a challenge, allowing the ...

Escape Through The Gate On The Angle

category: Moving-with-the-ball

- Passing and Receiving the ball on the 45 (degree)
- Moving the ball into space
- A feeder moves forward, passing the ball into a static...

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Community Drills

360 Static Spin - 5 mins

Equipment needed :* One ball per player All players will start to run around the pitch with the ball on their stick, as soon as they hear the whistle ...

Pushing Warm-up

In groups of 4, one player is working while the others are static. Players stand 2m apart and pass short, sharp push passes back and forth. Wide...

Slapping on Goal

- used when attacking player needs to get more power behind the ball than a push- used when player has little time- very effective when ball is crosse...