Goal Scoring - Individual Practice

category: Skill-Circuit

A great one for players to practice on their own and to develop shooting on the run.

In this drill the player has to hit the ball into the g...

Reaction Cone

category: Goal-keeping

Place some cones at random 5 meters away from the goal.

Coach hits the balls from the top of the circle.

Goal keeper has to save the ...

Revers Turn And Reverse Shot At Goal

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Players do 2 reverse turns through the cones (turning around the cone furthest away from the goal each time after which they take a reverse stick s...

Semi-Pressured Shooting

category: Session-Videos

- Top D Pressurised Shooting
- Passive defender
- Forward takes the ball across the body
- Defender must run from inside the D, arou...

Web Videos

Amazing field hockey shots

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Uconn field hockey trick shots

Nationally ranked and one of the top teams in the country, the UConn Women's Field Hockey team looks to continue their tradition of excellence as they...



Coaching the Clip Hit

Can you clip it? Yes you can! Improve your players hockey passing technique with this skills focused session

Community Drills

Long Sweep / Slap shots

Playing at match intensity, across the 25, pass and follow until final dribble & shot on goal. Race to get all players back to centre line. Run to mee...

Scoring Game

Set two red cones one stick length apart.Set two blue cones (one on either side of the red) two stick lengths from the red.Set out two orange cones (o...

4 v 4 @ D

3 teams of 4.4 v 4 in D with 1 team attacking 1 team defending.Ball fed in from 5 metre line.Attacking outcomes: Early Shots and Upgrades.Foot or foul...