Ball To Left Hand Gloved Side Of Gk

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Ball to left hand gloved side of GK Goal keeping Coach should feed the ball to the left hand, where the goalkeeper should aim to give and cush...

Kicking Warm-Up

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Kicking Warm-Up Goal keeping The ball is fed into the goalkeeper in the middle of the goal. The goalkeeper has to kick the ball back to either...

Speedy Feet

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Speedy Feet Goal keeping Setup as shown. Coach and goalkeeper about 1m apart. Coach starts with some balls about 8m out. The coach feeds theÂ...

Short Corner Technique

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Short Corner Technique Goal keeping This is the final progression in the diving technique. The goalkeeper starts on their line and runs out 3 ...

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