Drill Categories

Bola Machine Drills

The world renowned hockey BOLA machine has been specially adapted to fulfil a wide range of Hockey training needs following extensive consultation and...


Count To Ten And Catch

category: Moving-with-the-ball

Players have a ball each and start from the 23 metre line. Coaches or helpers are standing with their back to the players whilst counting to ten (a...

Footwork And Power Push

category: Video-Techniques

Coaches objective: To further increase the speed of the push to minimise unnecessary interceptions


Long Save Into Goal

category: Goal-keeping

Place 5 cones on the top of the circle as shown about 5 meters between each cone.

Goalkeeper stands between the 1st 2 cones and the coaches ...

Open Side Dribble

category: Moving-with-the-ball

  • Set out the practice as shown.
  • Players are given a number from 1 to 4.

  • No. 1s should stand behind the black cone.
  • No. 2s beh...

  • Web Videos

    Hockey for coaches

    Harry Dunlop, the Hockey High Performance Coach at the Glasgow School of Sport, talks through the RAMP warm up and various basic techniques. This shor...



    Forward Running - Positive Play

    Carry the ball with confidence and run at goal! Teach your players to switch the ball and feed the lines to get the ball up the pitch!

    Community Drills


    10 Minute Drill - Work on What You Want (coaches set up drills)Dribble Station - 15 Min

    #'s Game

    #'s Game-Coaches call out numbers to make it numbers up or numbers down, different numbers everytime. Defender starts with the ball, first number call...