Hockey Drill Demonstration


Coaches Objective: To develop players ability to make decisions prior to receiving (Pre- Scan) and make a supporting run off the ball immediately after passing

Purpose: To outscore opponents by completing as many wall passes as possible


  • 23m square 
  • 3 players per team 
  • Each wall pass gains 1 point

Coaching points

  • Plan ahead and Pre-Scan the space that the ball carrier wants to use 
  • Move late and sharply to the position where you wish to receive 
  • Angle body to open up the next pass 
  • Grip the stick tight “Bunt” the ball with an extension at both elbows 
  • Hands below the knees 
  • Stress the sharpness of movement following a pass 
  • Draw opponent in close remaining calm before a quick “Give and Go” wall pass 
  • It is important the defender is moving towards the passer making it difficult for them to react to a quick “Give and Go” pass

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