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3D skills Drills

As your hockey players develop stick control then you should be looking to teach them 3D hockey control skills. These are advanced ways of keeping con...

Indoor Hockey Drills

This is the indoor variant of traditional outdoor field hockey. It began as a pastime for players during the off-season. The key difference between fi...


Aerial Pass Off The Right Foot

category: Video-Techniques

- Lifting the ball up and over the opposition on the move, off of the right foot

- This is an advanced skill, and should only be practised o...

Aerial Pass On The Move

category: Video-Techniques

- Lifting the ball up and over the opposition while the ball is moving

- This is an advanced skill and should only be practised by players w...

Crossing - From The Left And Right

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Players in the middle pass the ball out to their respective wingers.

The winger receives the ball, and moves down the wing to then cross th...

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Community Drills

4 Goal Game

Needed? 8 cones, balls, 10 playersHow? The objective is to pass through ANY gate to one of your teammates in order to score a point. When you score a ...

Left to Rights

Approach the cone and drag the ball from left to right as if you were eliminating a player.Imagine the cones as a defender with stick so perform the l...

50-50 running

2 players on wing. players divide into 2 groups. Runners run the 50-50 ball on 23-yard line. First runner to the ball runs to the green cones, then ta...

Autosave 50264533

Conditioned game:Split into ability groups by bib colour. Greens at one end of pitch, oranges at other end.2 games at opposite ends of pitch, using ri...