Keep the Ball: Stop the other team scoring on the break

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Winning isn?t just about scoring loads of goals, sometimes keeping the ball and not looking for goals is exactly what is needed; the best teams in the world are experts at keeping the ball and nullifying oppositions attacks. Hockey is a game of patience and it is equally effective when building an attack to create the best moment to penetrate defences and at keeping other teams attackers quiet.

This session focuses on keeping possession to protect a lead and eradicate any opposition attacks. You get a couple of goals ahead in a game and your players get excited and go hunting for more? we know exactly how it goes. However, when hunting for that extra goal, it?s so easy to leave the defenders at the back over-exposed and as a coach, we know it gives you a mini heart attack when you see it happening. Programme your players to consolidate a lead and keep the ball with this session which starts off with the basic possession games before progressing to more advanced practices to get players simply enjoying their time on the hockey ball.

They can?t score without the ball, so why would you let them have it!?

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